mix your vocals with your beat for $35

In Mixing By Bryan Underwood

mix your vocals with your beat for $35

By taking the raw multi-tracks you recorded at home or in any studio, I will turn them into professional, polished mixes, and radio ready songs. I have state of the art tools, techniques, & the knowledge that allows me to significantly improve every mix.

I have the most affordable price at the highest quality and the fast turnaround time. What do you have to lose? Book today!

Send each vocal track along with your beat and I will blend everything together.

Every song will be mastered and ready for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

If you would like all of the instruments in your beat mixed as well, please check out my Radio Ready Mix service.

  • Trap
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Reggae
  • Singer-Songwriter

Josh Lewis

Mixed & Mastered
  • Josh Lewis
  • Dr. Travel

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