Pro Radio-ready Mix and Mastering - free sample for $110

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Alfredo Marzioni

Pro Radio-ready Mix and Mastering - free sample for $110

Hey! My name is Alfredo Marz, I'm a proffesional music producer, mix engineer and guitarist from Argentina.

I deliver my jobs fast (some times even before the deadline) and I always do my best to give my clients better results than they expect to receive. Depending on the speed of your initial approval, I might be able to deliver within 24 hours.

How do I work?
Once you send me the files, I will start working on your song, and then an MP3 sample (1 minute length) will be delivered for Initial Approval. If you are not 100% satisfied, you won't be charged for the job.
Once you approved the job, you will get a .wav and a .mp3 file with your song mixed and mastered . You can previously request a karaoke track in case you need it

This price is for a maximum of 20 tracks. If the project is bigger, we can discuss the price.
Also, I can listen to your offers when it comes to +3 songs hire from the same client.

Properly prepared files: All required editing (time alignment, drum replacement/sampling, and vocal tuning should be completed prior to submission for mixing/mastering. Label files clearly.

I can edit your vocals for an extra $25 and tune them for an extra $25.

Please, don't hesitate in contacting me if you have any question. I also provide services such as editing, vocal tuning and music production.

This is the list of my gear:
- Macbook Pro 2019 16"
- UAD Apollo Twin QUAD (audio interface)
- Genelec 8030c (studio monitors)
- Native Instruments Maschine MK2
- Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe (electric guitar)
- Taylor 210e Deluxe (acoustic guitar)
- Neumann u87Ai

- Pro Tools 2020
- Ableton live 10
- Logic pro X
- Fab filter bundle
- Waves bundle
- UAD plugins
and more!


Chica veneno - Gina Magliocco
  • Pop/Reggaeton
  • Pop/trap
  • Pop/House
  • Lo-fi mixed & mastered by me
  • Pop/House

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