Premium Analog Mixing for $250

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Premium Analog Mixing for $250

Does an analog mix REALLY sound any better? Well, the easiest analogy (see what I did there?) I can think of is: a real and counterfeit $100 bill. Sure the counterfeit can look exactly like the real one...heck, it'll convince most people that it's the real deal. But intrinsically, there are features on a real bill that a counterfeit can never have. The counterfeit is always out to EMULATE the real bill, but it can never be the real deal. So a digital mix can only go as far as emulating an analog mix, but most of us agree that there's SOMETHING you'll never get digitally that is rich in good, old fashioned volts and bolts!

I'm a Premier Recording/Mixing Engineer & Vocal Producer based in Johannesburg, South Africa with 15+ years experience mixing & arranging music for a wide range of award winning artists & genres from across the world. I'm well known for my creativity, attention to detail & customer care & I always aim to put the sonic & emotional integrity of the music first. Artists who work with me can expect a professional, industry standard, authentically analog mix.

While this is a mixing service by default, I do also offer mastering. I highly recommend though that the mix engineer and mastering engineer be different people working from different studios for best results.

100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your mix after 5 revisions!

  • Jazz
  • World
  • R&B
  • Country
  • Pop-Rock
  • Choral

Kamoto (Shava Afrika)

Afro Jazz (recording, mixing)
  • Kamoto (Shava Afrika)
  • Angels we have heard on high (Just 6)
  • Little drummer boy (Just 6)
  • Go (Riffi Wacho)
  • In my dreams (Shava Afrika)

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