Professional Mixing Engineer with Major Label Credits New Client Discount for $350

In Mixing By Tyler Spratt

Professional Mixing Engineer with Major Label Credits New Client Discount for $350

Every artist, producer, and songwriter needs a professional mix! Some of my credits include Dave Mathews Band, Moby, SHIM, Molly Moore, Nadia Vaeh, The Brevet, Once Monsters, Chloe Adams, and many more!

Through collaboration and hard work, I will bring your entire mix to its full potential and after you are satisfied with the mix you will receive all the files that a major label will eventually want from you when you are signed! If you are receiving just the final stereo mix from an engineer, you will probably need to go back to them later for all the alternative mixes and stems which will cost you more time, money, and who know if the recall will be the same!

Included in my deliverables are the Main Master, Alternative Master (usually an instrumental), Stems for live, and 6 Alternative Files For Mastering just in case you want to get it remastered in the future for a full length!

I do not have a revisions limit, but I ask that you keep feedback clear and concise with bullet points and time stamps and simply be reasonable and understanding. I am not a "my way or the highway mixer" and want to bring your song, to not only a commercial level, but your level!

My turn around for a typical mix is a couple days and will do in person sessions, and live stream mixing!

  • Pop-Rock
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Americana
  • Electronic
  • Punk

"Spellbinding" by Nadia Vaeh

Mixing Engineer and Co-Producer
  • "Spellbinding" by Nadia Vaeh
  • "Daisy" by The Frets
  • "Cease and Desist" by Courtney Paige Nelson
  • "Need You Now" by The Brevet
  • "Handsomer" by Molly Moore

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