In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Jay Peters



When I mix your song; I always look to add production elements to enhance the sonics and energy of your music where needed.
I always serve the song without ego and maintain clear and open dialog to completion of the mix and to the client’s satisfaction.

I have produced, mixed and mastered music for Automatic Records, Atonal Measure Records, Transient Records, Snapper Music, Spitfire Records and Blue Water Music Nashville.

I am experienced in Mixing, Mastering and producing songs for; Americana, Country, Rock, Pop Electronica, EDM, Afrobeat, R&B

Service includes;

-Clean up editing and prep of all tracks
-Vocal tuning
-All other FX needed to create the mix, including multiple reverbs and delays.
-Automation of individual tracks, FX returns, busses and VCA’s

My outline process for mixing and mastering is;

I always ask for either a ruff mix, and/or artist/song examples, which gives me a great point of reference to understand the direction I need to take the mix.

I will start by creating a basic static mix where I can hear all elements without any plugins.. just volumes and panning. I'll then make notes on any issues I need to fix, e.g. clean up editing.

I’ll then start a mix brining in plugins and fx as I need them throughout this process until I have a solid mix.

Finally, I'll work on the automation of individual tracks, fx returns and busses to create energy and dynamics within the song.

At this stage I would send client the mix for any recalls if necessary.
Once the mix has been signed off by the client I will then move onto mastering.

I prefer to master the following day on fresh ears.

My turn around time is 2 days.

Plugins available:

• UAD suite
• Waves
• Soundtoys
• Plugin Alliance
• Eventide
• Sonnox
• iZotope
• Klanghelm
• Native Instruments
• Melda Production
• Valhalla
• Celemony

On completion, I will provide three final Mastered files:

16 bit WAV @44.1kHz
24bit WAV @48kHz
MP3 @320Kbps

If you are looking to release CD’s I will also include a free DDP Image. The DDP image contains all the contents of your master disc, plus formatting information that ensures your replicas exactly match your master when manufactured.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask,

All the best

  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Country
  • Trap
  • Americana

RnB - Easier

  • RnB - Easier
  • Pop - La da da
  • Raggaeton - The Summer
  • Americana - Limbo
  • Leftfield Pop - Last June
  • Country - Mollys Eyes
  • Trap - Slow it Down

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