I will Mix your song and provide a Free Mastered Track for $100

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I will Mix your song and provide a Free Mastered Track for $100

I've written and released my own original music for many years as well as written, mixed and mastered original music for other artists, campaigns, video games and brands.

This service is for mixing one song only, up to 50 tracks.

If you have more tracks or songs, or need mastering, please contact me for a custom offer.

***sample will include balance and global processing, just to give you an idea of direction I will take***

I will provide:
- All tracks and stems wet and dry
-Mix of song (1 track of song in 24 Bit, 48 kHz wav file and 1 track in mp3. If you need other formats let me know.)
-1 Free Mastered Track
- unlimited revisions
- I have a full home studio set up with professional equipment and recording software that I use for all projects.

If you need something specific, just let me know and I can provide a custom offer.

I also provide other service like; song editing, vocal recording and full song production. So ask me more about those services! Hit that 'Contact Me' button and lets chat!

Thank you for your consideration and please contact me anytime. Even if you don’t choose me at this time for your project, feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!


  • Country
  • Americana
  • Folk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter


Song Production. Lyrics by Adam Czapeczka
  • Anything
  • Dinkin' Problem
  • God and Country
  • Breaking Point
  • Never Quit, Stay Fit

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