Premium analogue mixing for $250

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Premium analogue mixing for $250

Hello, I'm a multiplatinum engineer and producer. Since 2015 I've worked on more than 300 releases, and this allows me to relate to you as an artist, and truly tailor my work to your individual needs. I believe that music should be dynamic, spatial and balanced, and I'm always using this belief with my experience to push your music to the level you’ve always desired. I'm currently a Partner and Head of Engineering at Last Take Studio, a mixing and mastering facility based in Berlin (Germany).

Audio mixing is possibly the most critical phase of music production that is done in a professional studio. A perfectly balanced mix is very important in order to reach an excellent result during the mastering session. I can mix your track with the best analogue gears at the best possible quality.

This is the standard price for tracks up to 16 stems. Every additional stem costs 10$. Limiting is included, but I can provide also an unlimited version.

If you need more than a single track, a further 10% discount is applied to the grand total. Currently, the turnaround is around 14 days.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for a tailored deal.

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