Blues Mixing & Producer - Bass/Guitar & Other Parts for $350

In Mixing By Nick J Harvey

Blues Mixing & Producer - Bass/Guitar & Other Parts for $350

Nick J Harvey is a leading Australian blues guitarist, producer and mixer.

Nick takes the craftsman's approach to music inspired by the producers, mixers, arrangers and performers of the 1970's. His goal is to elevate your music to maximum enjoyment, engagement, connection and sonic delight for the casual listener or your diehard fans.

Nick says, “In any recording you want it to be real. Your number one job as a mixer or producer is to enable and ensure the tracks can speak its own truth. Those old records from the late 60’s and 70’s had real sonics and were put together by artists with songs that really reached out to the listener and affected them. I want that soul in my clients records.”

With a firm spiritual core centred on early and gritty electric Chicago tones, Nick J Harvey offers a fresh perspective on blues music, acoustic folk, americana, and rock. Nick’s own music reaches out to fans of 60’s and 70’s blues/rock bands with his earthy and raw tones.

Have you got completed recordings that need to be professionally mixed with a vibe? Do you need interesting and musical parts for your song? Need some excellent blues bass? Do you need a combo of producer & mixer for your project?

Whether its composition, guitar parts or mixing the focus is on maximum listener interest and engagement for your music.

Get that analogue warmth and vibe into your mixes.

Mixes that rock!

Make your music sound like a modern classic.

Services Available:

* Mixing
* Producer Services
* Overdubs/Adding Parts (Elec/slide/acoustic guitars, bass, & others)
* Full Production Services

Nick is very approachable and supportive with the desire to bring your musical vision to fruition with his expert understanding of blues, classic rock, rock, country and folk.

Let’s get rockin today!

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