Mixing & Mastering your music for $100

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Mixing & Mastering your music for $100


Hi, my name is Andy and I am a professional music producer and audio engineer based in Mallorca (Spain). My speciality are music genres such as Pop, Rock, Indie, Funk, Folk and Jazz. Currently I work as a freelance for @Estudiscampet (Recording Studio) (Mallorca, Spain).

Services I provide:

Mixing & Mastering with High-End Plugins
I use Logic Pro x or Ableton live 10 and I work with the best available plugins like Uad, Waves, Valhalla, Fabfilter, Melodyne, Alliance and Analog Emulations plugin as well.
Up to 50 Stems/Multitracks (For more than 50 stems give me a touch for a custom offer)

What I need from you :

. Same lengths tracks / Stems
. Unprocessed audio tracks/stems ( or with process that you want include)
. Song's Tempo
. A rough mix of your song and optional reference song.

What you will receive:
. Professionally Mixed and Mastered track (24-bit Wav and 320kbps MP3)
. And a Wav file Mastered for Streaming
. Recording Guitar (electric/acoustic) and Bass guitar (Message for details and prices) (Extra price)

It is my goal to achieve the best possible sound for your song. 
All genres welcome!  
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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