I will mix and master your music to pro level (EN, IT, PT) for $10

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I will mix and master your music to pro level (EN, IT, PT) for $10

Here’s the deal: you have a song that is nearly finished. You wrote and recorded your lyrics, you have produced your perfect instrumental, but you need it all put together to completely finish your work of art. You want your song to sound perfect - just like you dreamed it would - but don’t know exactly how to get it there.

So here is what you need: you need your song to be mixed and mastered to match the perfect, crisp quality of those big, professional studios.This is exactly where I come in. With my services, I can mix and master your songs to a final, publishable quality.

Hi, I’m Luca from Milan (IT) and I'm a guitarist, sound engineer and lifelong audiophile. I've graduated from NAM as a sound technician and have worked on audio since then. As an artist myself, I know what it is like to want a song to sound like it can be played on a mainstream radio station. When I work with other artists, my goal is to get their music to that exact quality. I can take any song of ANY GENRE, utilize professional plugins in my studio DAW, and mix and master your song to the industry standard.

✔️Harmonic Saturation
✔️Panning & Automations
✔️Noise reduction
✔️FX (Reverb & Delay)
✔️Stereo Imaging
✔️Vocal tuning, pitch correction/autotune*
✔️Drum replacement*
✔️Reamp guitar & bass*
✔️Mastering to the correct loudness standard
✔️ Any song of any genre

* These services will have a $5 fee each.

So, let me worry about the quality of your songs while you just wait for your music to sound flawlessly mixed and mastered.

Note: Please check out the FAQ section as well, If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Big band jazz, heavy metal, folk, rock

Quick samples of what I can do
  • Big band jazz, heavy metal, folk, rock
  • Hip Hop, Boogie, Rock, Elettro pop

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