Instagram Music Video Editing/Mixing for $50

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Instagram Music Video Editing/Mixing for $50

If you have a recording setup at home, even if it is very basic and you want to get your quarantine jam ideas out on social media, you have come to the right place. I use Logic Pro X to mix and do a very basic master of whatever project you have in mind. After that, I edit all my videos using Final Cut Pro and do an edit of your videos with the recorded audio synced up. This results in a quality sounding and looking video made in your own house!

Mixing: $30/song
Video Edit: $15/song
Both: $40/song

My requirements are as follows:

-Maximum 15 tracks.
-Maximum of 6 video clips.
-All files must be submitted using Dropbox.
-Audio files must be submitted in a .wav format.


Full combo with keys, drums, bass, and guitar.
  • Jazz
  • Funk Fusion

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