Pro Drum Editing - 4 Songs for $100

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Pro Drum Editing - 4 Songs for $100

25$ per song.

Need help getting your drum recordings to sound polished and professional but yet natural? As a drummer and audio engineer with over 16 years of experience, I know that there is a delicate balance between precision and having the right impact, while preserving naturalness and feel. I offer drum editing services to make your raw drum recordings perfectly in time.

• Slip editing
• No time stretching
• No phase issues
• I always double check everything
• I'm easy to communicate with and I try to help wherever I can

Whether you're a solo artist or part of a band, my editing services can help take your music to the next level. Contact me today to discuss your needs and let's create a professional sound for your next release!

If you need more or less than 4 songs, I can send you a custom offer. 25$ per song.

Credits include:

Special Bombs
Four Black Lungs
Swallow´s Rose
53 Judges
Offset Vision
Cycle Paths
Mad Morality
The Violet Stones
Zitronen Püppies
Embrace The Fire
Theory Of Noise
Room At The Indra
Love Forty Down
Reaching For Reality
Pigs For Pearls
Joe Oldman
Farewell Signs

Tonight We're Not For Sale

Drum Editing
  • Tonight We're Not For Sale
  • All I Want
  • A Chain Of Guilt

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