Vocals/Hip-Hop Industry Level Mix & Master for $150

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Elijah Kuttikhen

Vocals/Hip-Hop Industry Level Mix & Master for $150

Seeking an engineer who is FREAKING GOOD at making Major Label Quality sound? You have come to the right place!
Top Ranked Engineer.
I'm helping artists get noticed for over 15 years.

I will mix and master your Vocals/Rap onto pre-mixed Instrumental to Radio-Ready quality.
The price includes:
✅ Mixing of Main and Background Vocals for one artist. If your song comprises Main vocals performed by more than one artist - please request a custom quote.
✅ Sonic enhancement of the instrumental for a perfect blend with the vocals
✅ Vocals advanced processing - Compression, Saturation, EQualization
✅ Creative processing (Panning, Automation, Modulation Effects, creative Reverbs and Delays, Filtering, Distortion based effects)
✅ Autotune pitch correction. For vocals that require Manual pitch correction will be provided a custom quote based on the needed amount of work.
✅ Industry Standard Mastering

This means your mixed song will meet the quality standards of ALL LEADING MUSIC PLATFORMS!

BEFORE-AFTER Demos https://ekmixmaster.com

What people say about my work:
"Fantastic experience. Excellent work and quality. Very accommodating of revisions and a sharp instinct for what I was trying to describe. Made my first song sound amazing"

"Another flawless experience, great guy! Not only did a fantastic job, but was also very quick and accurately receptive to edits as well"

✅ Want that Competitive Pro-Quality Sound that will take your music career to the next level?

✅ Working on a song and would like to get professional feedback on how the production can be improved before getting to the Mixing Mastering stage?

Feel free to message me - I'll be happy to help.

Thanks for checking me out!
CREDITS: Ikonic Artist Management (AU), Silk Records (USA), Digital Empire Records (PE), Shaniqua Shay (AU), Smash Fabric Records (NO), Golden Star Records (USA), Moon Records (KR), Safari Music (AUS), Pop Rox Music (USA).


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