Stream Ready Vocal Mix & Master for $79

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Stream Ready Vocal Mix & Master for $79

Highly Rated AirGigs Vocal Engineer. I'm ready to help take your sound to the next level. Your voice deserves to be heard in the highest quality.

~~ $31 OFF thru April 1st ~~

(See "Audio" tab to hear my newest mixed songs + before and afters).

This is a full Vocal Mix & Master with a 1 track instrumental.

I mix Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, RnB, House, Singer-songwriter vocals.

~ First edit will get back to you within 24 hours (depending on # of audio tracks). ~

Whether you record on high-end equipment or a bedroom mic, I will make your vocals sound crisp & professional, leveled to match music industry standards.

Some effects I use include Compression / Pitch Correction / Reverbs / EQ / Limiting / De-Essing / Imaging / Delays / Autotune / etc.

I'll use Logic Pro X to Mix and Master your vocals.

Izotope, Antares Auto-Tune Pro, WAVES, Fab Filter, Sound Toys, and Logic Pro plugins are used to make your voice sound amazing.

I've worked with 60+ artists on giving them consistent vocals in all of their songs.

~~ Check my profile to see reviews from artists I've worked with ~~

I also post weekly production content on my YouTube channel (YouTube: J4Beats).

Let's build a relationship & make great music. If you have questions, message me any time.

Before/After #1 ~ RnB Vocals

  • Before/After #1 ~ RnB Vocals
  • Before/After #2 ~ Melodic HipHop Vocals
  • Before/After #3 ~ Drill Rap Vocals
  • Before/After #4 ~ Melodic Rap Vocals
  • Chill Hip Hop Vocals
  • Clean Hip Hop Vocals
  • Autotune Rap Vocals
  • Wavy Trap Vocals
  • Drill Rap Vocals
  • Female Hip Hop Vocals
  • RnB Rap Vocals
  • Up-Tempo Hip Hop Vocals
  • Alternative Hip Hop Vocals
  • Soul / Gospel Vocals
  • Modern Trap Vocals

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