Radio Ready Vocal Mix & Master for $79

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Radio Ready Vocal Mix & Master for $79

Ready to take the next step with your music? Your voice deserves to be heard in the highest quality.

~~ Price returns to 110 on July 31st. ~~

This is a full Vocal Mix & Master with a 1 track instrumental.

(See "Audio" tab for examples)

The first edit will get back to you within 48 hours (depending on # of audio tracks). Free revisions provided until you get exactly what you're looking for.

Whether you record on high-end equipment or a bedroom mic, I will make your vocals sound crisp & professional; leveled to industry standards.

I've mixed vocals for over 60 artists and helped find a consistent sound with their music; which is so important.

(See my profile to see reviews from a few I work with)

I mix primarily Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, RnB, House, and Singer-songwriter vocals.

Logic Pro is the software I will use to mix your next song.

Some effects I use include Compression / Pitch Correction / Reverbs / EQ's / Limiting / De-Essing / Imaging / Delays / Autotune / etc.

Izotope, Antares Auto-Tune Pro, WAVES, Fab Filter, and Logic Pro plugins are used to make your voice sound amazing each time.

If you have any questions or inquiries, message me any time!

Chill Hip Hop Vocals

  • Chill Hip Hop Vocals
  • Clean Hip Hop Vocals
  • RnB Hip Hop Vocals
  • Wavy Hip Hop Vocals
  • Modern Hip Hop Vocals
  • Smooth Female Vocals
  • Soul / Gospel Vocals
  • Melodic Hip Hop Vocals
  • Modern Trap Vocals
  • Autotune Hip Hop Vocals
  • Drill Rap Vocals
  • Before | After #1
  • Before | After #2
  • Before | After #3

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