Nashville Studio Pro to Mix Your Song! for $175

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Nashville Studio Pro to Mix Your Song! for $175

Tired of failing the car test?

I've been there and I had to come a very long ways to mix like I do today. Your music deserves to be heard at its best and I want to help get you there!

I love the reaction clients have when their tunes sounds like the radio and better than they imagined they could! Even if you've recorded your song in your bedroom a professional and polished track is possible with the right mix!

I want to help you sound like you always dreamed.

Just send me what you've recorded as a Pro Tools session, Logic project, or .wav files if you're tracking in a different DAW. Please include bpm and a rough mix of what you've got (even if it's not what you want it to end up like!) Also please include 2 or more reference tracks of artists who have the vibe you're going for in your tune.

I will send a .wav file of the mix back to you once the final revision has been approved!

Songs longer than 5:00 will need a quote for pricing.

I always recommend having a final mix mastered and we can have that done for you for $100.

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