Premium Mixing and Mastering for $50

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Premium Mixing and Mastering for $50

Welcome to The Singery Recording Studio. We are a project studio that will mix and master your music with a focus on YOUR experience and getting YOUR music out into the world. Your songs will be radio-ready, guaranteed.

This service includes:
-Mixing UNLIMITEDtracks/stems with industry standard software and plugins
- Mastering at industry standard LUFS levels (All Packages)
- Audio Editing (improved width and depth, etc.) (All Packages)
- EQ Processing (All Packages)
- Compression (All Packages)
- Vocal Processing and Tuning (Standard & Premium Packages)
- Standard effects (reverb, delay, etc.) (Standard & Premium Packages)
- "Sweetening" (non-standard effects, song-shaping to take your music to the next level) (Premium Package)

The deliverable is:
- One high-quality mixed and mastered song (standard is 16 bit @ 44.1kHz; please specify if you would need different specifications)
- Non mastered version of song (upon request)
- Stems used in song (upon request)
- Studio One Project file (upon request)

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