I'll mix and master your Metal/Rock song for $20

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I'll mix and master your Metal/Rock song for $20

I've been recording and mixing my own and my bands songs for many years now and want to share my skills and help other people make good sounding records.

I mainly work on band oriented music, simply because this is what I'm good at. Your project should not exceed more than 30 tracks. This is usually enough for a full band + some post production.

Before I do any mixing, I typically first discuss the quality of your raw tracks and give some feedback as well as expectations for the mix. It is then up to you to initiate the mixing process or ,if necessary, improve your raw tracks first. I do this to match your expectations. I want your song to sound great, but there is only so much mixing can do to achieve this. Sometimes it's necessary to improve the foundation first, and build on that.

If you're interested, just hit me up. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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