Rock & Metal Mixing & Mastering for an EP for $650

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Rock & Metal Mixing & Mastering for an EP for $650

I provide reamping, mixing and mastering services for $690 for an EP up to 5 songs. I do a custom sample of my work so you can make your decision based on that.

I am most proficient and enthusiastic when it comes to rock/metal production and that is the genre I´ve worked on most of the time. However, I am happy to do other genres as well to improve my skills all the time so feel free to approach me in that case as well and I will give it a go.

I can work on already committed and edited tracks and if you have DI-tracks of your instruments and/or a midi drum track, I can reamp them using Axe FX or use software amp sims and use my drum sample libraries for the drums. I give unlimited amount of revisions until you are happy with the result. Check out some of my samples and if you`re pleased, contact me and I´d be very excited to get your project started!

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