Unique Electronic Remix for $65

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Unique Electronic Remix for $65

I would love to create an Electronic Dance Music remix of your song in my own style. Check out the samples provided to see what this might sound like.

I am a musician, producer, and remixer, working in the field for 15+ years. Most of my 50+ award winning remixes have been released on several labels. I also run my own micro-label called uncoiled loops http://www.uncoiledloops.com
I know I undervalue my work ($65 is pretty cheap!) but I really enjoy remixing and want to work with new artists. And let’s face it, the industry has taken a huge hit with streaming, so no one is making money.

Please note my style NOT specifically the Big Room House/Trap/Dubstep style that is prevalent in the EDM music festivals. I may use elements of these styles, but do not expect it to sound like Zedd's Dead, Odesza, RL Grime, etc. I have my own style, please listen to the samples to ensure this is what you want!


  • EDM
  • Techno
  • House
  • Electronic

Qualia - Volcanoe

Original Followed by Remix
  • Qualia - Volcanoe
  • LoveSpirals-This Truth
  • Storm King - Angels of Enmity

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