Pro mix & mastering - POP/HIPHOP/EDM - MATCH those Top Hits - for $125

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Pro mix & mastering - POP/HIPHOP/EDM - MATCH those Top Hits - for $125

After a great production, song mixing is the next most important task. Don't underestimate this critical part of the process.

► Fully acoustically treated mix room
► High-End monitoring
► 15 plus years experience
► Vocal tuning
► 5 Revisions included
► Mastering included

Credits - Currently working with Greg Lawson (Grammy award winning producer - JLo, Anastacia, and Ginuwine ). The 'Bullets production team', and many happy hundreds of independent artists since 2009.

Industry standard software including Pro Tools and Cubase Pro. Plugins from Universal Audio UAD, Softube and Brainworx.

For new clients I will mix and master for free and send you a preview for you to check before any payment.

I'm new to Airgigs so have few reviews at present - don't let this put you off as you'll be missing out on my first-rate engineering skills.

Check out the intro video cheers!

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