Print your mix to tape - 1/2” ATR 102 for $50

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Print your mix to tape - 1/2” ATR 102 for $50

Have a digital mix that needs some analog depth? Send me the stereo mix and I will print it to 1/2” tape, record it back into Pro Tools, and send the digital file back.

I work on the Ferrari of mix down machines, the Ampex ATR 102, with 1/2” heads, maintained by ATR Services. The machine is calibrated for 30, 15, and 7.5 ips, so we can print at the speed with the best vibe for your particular song.

This is not mastering and is intended to improve your mix before it goes to mastering, so we will print at appropriate levels and will not limit or max out the headroom.

Tape will not magically fix a bad mix but on a well balanced mix it provides subtle compression and the unmistakable glue that has completed countless hits.

$50 per song.

Drive Away

Cody Marlowe
  • Drive Away
  • The Change

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