PUNCHY Mastering for your song in 48hours for $25

In Mastering 100% Guarantee By Alessandro Salza

PUNCHY Mastering for your song in 48hours for $25

Hey, I’m Alessandro, resident Audio Engineer at KnockOutput.com with more than 15 years of experience.
I’m a fan of 💥IMPACTFUL💥 sounding masters with PUNCHY lows and a smooth, silky top-end.
If that’s what you seek, book this gig for a song: it’ll knock your listeners out! 👊

What's the difference between mixing and mastering and which one does my song needs?
👨‍🏫Mixing is the first and most crucial step in music's post-production. It's where I add EQs, compressors, and effects to your tracks INDIVIDUALLY to blend them together into a cohesive, impactful song. If done well, it brings your song to 80-90% of what its final, distinctive sound will be.

Mastering is about the remaining 10-20% that your song needs: the icing on the cake, or -as I call it- the "knockout punch".
It still involves EQs, compressors, etc. but it's aimed to reach that BIG, LOUD sound that hits your listeners!

What’s it about:
☑️Detailed Equalization, to ensure that your song sounds balanced on every speaker and platform
☑️Dynamic Range Enhancement, AKA compression
☑️Harmonic Saturation Processing to make it sound warmer and crispier
☑️Loudness limiting to ensure that your song sounds competitively loud, yet not squashed
☑️FAST, yet human turnaround time. You worked on your music for months, would you entrust it to someone that merely listens to it for a few hours?
☑️ONLINE REVISION process on a dedicated platform. Comparing your mix with the reference song doesn’t have to be a hassle!
☑️ LOSSLESS DELIVERY: 44.1kHz-16bit + 48kHz 24bit .wavs, 320kbps .mp3

Optional services I can offer to help your music shine:
🟦STEMS MASTERING, you send me your stems (i.e. grouped drums, guitars, keys) and I rebalance them into a final master
🟦ANALOG MASTERING, true warmth from real tubes. Ask me about it!

Have an entire Album or EP? Huge savings are waiting for you, hit me up now for a sample!

I can also mix your music, check out my other services!

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