Mastering for this century for $40

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Mastering for this century for $40

Mastering is changing. It’s not longer a game of how “loud” you can make the song sound on a CD. You can’t just smash it with a limiter and call it good. Today’s mastering is subtle and you need to know the ideal specs for all the major streaming services and get your music to sound great AND fit those required specs. That’s where I come in.

My name is Dominic Romano and I’m a professional audio engineer, producer, and artist. I got a degree in music production and have been working as a full-time successful producer for 6 years now. You can ask any of the clients who come through my studio that I work quickly, with attention to detail, and I always keep the artist’s vision in the forefront of my thoughts.

This service is for a single track (6 minutes or shorter)

If you have an EP or Album that you want mastered as a unit, I can definitely do that. Shoot me a message and I’ll make a custom offer for you based on track number/length.

Little bit of gear talk - I work in the box for mastering. I use Presonus Studio One 5 Professional’s mastering suite with a ton of digital and analog modeled plugins. When mastering, I reference studio monitors, casual consumer speakers and headphones to make sure that your song sounds good on all listening media.

Fun and potentially reassuring fact — I have also never gotten anything below a 5 star review on Airgigs. Why? Because I go the extra mile, I have as quick of turnaround as I can, and I make sure that I would stand behind any work as if it were my own personal release.

If my approach seems like something you want for your project, feel free to message me with any questions. You can also check out my work (which I’ve recorded, mixed, and mastered) on any streaming platform you like by searching for Dominic Romano.


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Madness Never Leaves - Dominic Romano

From my album Sightline (Pop)
  • Madness Never Leaves - Dominic Romano
  • Wherever You Are ft. Olivia Gerber - Dominic Romano
  • Hold Me In Your Heart - The Karmanauts
  • Winter Has Come - The Gatehouse Well
  • Paper Tiger - The Karmanauts

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