Mixing And Mastering [Streaming Ready] for $75

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Mixing And Mastering [Streaming Ready] for $75

Hello I am Blem9 from Belgium.

I will mix and master your song to be streaming ready.

Gear: FL Studio 20, RX 7, Sony MDR-1A, Superlux HD-330, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4, PSYC Monic, JBL Go.

I have worked on over 100 songs, most of which can be found on Spotify by searching for the "Mixed / Mastered by Blem9" playlist.

  • Rap
  • Trap

Mona Mula - Money Disease

Mixed and mastered by me
  • Mona Mula - Money Disease
  • Diego Thug, Layon, Igão Spliff - Praia e Sol

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