Simple loop beat + autotune singing

Simple loop beat + autotune singing

Hey! This is a unique one. I'm looking to do a live intro to an event using a combination of a looping beat and autotune. But alas, I'm not particularly musical.

What I'm good at: Memorizing and copying; converting drum beats into household items
What I'm bad at: Finding a beat; figuring out how to sing-talk over it

I'm looking to make a live intro beat (here's my first attempt, but it's too fast for the autotune part and is a bit too jaunty):

Then, I want to autotune over it with a "talking/singing" intro, similar to this (but with more of a beat behind it):

(I've been using Voloco for the autotuning, and happy to use a pre-made looping beat for this)

I'm looking for someone to help out with this! I'll do the actual final version, but I need help making something good that I can memorize and copy!