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Authentic HIPHOP for $199

I firmly believe that in order to relate to listeners you have to keep it unapologetically real with them. You have to bring them into your mind, into your world, so they are truly able to feel where you are coming from. Writing is a lifestyle the more you, dare to engage within.
I always deliver in style. Bringing an authentic relatable vibe to the table. Providing a pristine sound delivering professional vocals. Adaptable to what's requested. I brainstorm ideas until its fitting. I'm good at creating unique approaches that pulls listeners in. I put a lot of effort into crafting the verses, staying in the element & atmosphere. Really open & easy to work with, I have worked with many known Industry Professionals, I never disappoint.

My creativity will not only allow you to enjoy a new masterpiece, it also will pull listeners in. I write about real life events, experiences, testimonials. Wise with my approach to each song. My goal is to allow you to not only to engage with our new tune, but also to open up your creativity.

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Who Dat

Fire 808 banger‼‼‼‼
  • Who Dat
  • What If
  • Speak Life
  • Learn to appreciate

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