I will record Handpan for your Song for $5

In Percussion By Simon Hardt

I will record Handpan for your Song for $5

My name is Simon!
I have been playing the Handpan for 2 years now and I would love to help you with your musical project.
I currently use Handpans in the Tunings: a G Avalon (Minor), a F Aegean scale and A2 in 432hz.

For recording I use two AKG condensor microphones and a zoom H4N.
I will record a one Track recording over your whole song (if want, with video).
Two revisions are possible, but hopefully not needed!

I think communication is key, so feel free to ask me questions!
I am looking forward to work with you on your project,

King regards,

  • World
  • Ambient
  • Lounge
  • Musical theatre

F Aegean

I recorded all the tracks with the same equipment and mastered them afterwards
  • F Aegean
  • F Aegean Nr.2
  • G Avalon (Minor)
  • G Avalon (Minor)

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