Global, cinematic, orchestral electronic drums and percussion effects, beats and more for $40

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Larry Salzman

Global, cinematic, orchestral electronic drums and percussion effects, beats and more for $40

Please contact me before placing your order.
I offer high-quality beats and electronic world percussion for your song or project. To date, I have completed over 1500 successful online sessions, though various platforms.

My musical services are for beats (kick snare hats) and electronic percussion. I offer a 100% guarantee, and always send reference tracks with my parts added for review/corrections. When you're happy my job is done.

Everything is played by hand using a variety of sound sources and techniques. I do not offer programming, sequencing, bass lines or hooks.

My starting rate of $40 (individual stems via Dropbox are included) The listed rate is for tracks up to 3 mins 30 seconds, additional rates may apply for longer tracks. If you only need one track (one instrument) my rate is $15 (stem included) I can create custom sounds specifically for your track. Get unique results, and none of the cookie-cutter nonsense.

I offer the following styles and sounds:
Global/ethnic percussion (taiko tabla conga bongo djembe djun djun doumbek and more)
Cinematic / orchestral percussion (timpani bass drums gongs and more)
Kick, snare and hi hat beats (rap hip hop dirty south crunk electro EDM, IDM)
Impact hits, ethereal and ambient sounds and textures
Hundreds of tom toms. snares and cymbals
Nord 3P
Alesis Strike Multi-Pad
Korg Wavedrum
Roland TR707
Neve / SSL mic pre's
Large library of sounds
Apogee convertors
Logic Pro X

My workflow methods:
I am very serious about the buyers satisfaction, therefore I operate differently than most. If you hire me (for example) to design and record kick, snare and hats, I will send you a reference track with different rhythmic ideas and tones. This method gives you an idea of how different pitches, timbre and rhythms sound against your track. You get exactly what you want, the sounds are yours to keep, NSA.

If you require acoustic percussion services or would like to read my reviews, copy and paste the link below.

  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop
  • Trap
  • EDM
  • Ambient
  • House
  • Rap

Various projects Ive added sounds to

A montage of custom drum and percussion.
  • Various projects Ive added sounds to
  • Various projects Ive added sounds to
  • Tabla and Drum Beat
  • World Beat Style
  • Epic Drums and Big Hits
  • Sound Design Kit
  • Heavy Drums
  • World Beat Hybrid
  • Various Drums and FX
  • Musical Example
  • Musical Example
  • Eclectic Example
  • Sampled Glass Bottles Melody 1
  • Sampled Glass Bottles Melody 2
  • Chilled Glitch Hop

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