Arab Oud Session Recording for $100

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Arab Oud Session Recording for $100

About the oud I have here in Venezuela, I have been playing it since 2017. It was made in Damascus, Syria in the '80s as the internal label information said. Personally, I use this ancient short neck lute for sound healing purposes, however, I have recorded some samples over progressive house, deep house, and also over folk music projects mostly. A jewel if you see it on live performance.

It lets to catch microtonality almost like a human voice but with plucked strings timbre. An eccentric middle eastern sounding experience that should be tried on you next music project.

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PS: I would like to invite you to check out my music portfolio here below:

8 bars sample

For 5 USD
  • 8 bars sample
  • Zodiac - Oud over

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