High quality Sitar track for your song for $35

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High quality Sitar track for your song for $35

I am a Classically trained Sitar player.
I promise a good quality recording of sitar intros, outros, fillers, interludes and preludes (according to your needs, obviously).
Do send me clear-cut information so that the sitar parts can be tailor-made for you.
Looking forward to working with you!

Time taken for recording:
Generally, I would take 24 hours or less to deliver, from the time when I accept the request.
If you want the audio to be tailor-made for you, you could join me on Google Meet while I record so you can sit through the recording process.

Microphones used:
AKG C411 (pickup condenser mic)- best audio quality
AKG Lyra Ulta-HD (dynamic mic)
Boya BY M-1 (lapel mic)

Tracks, revisions and edits:

Revisions/edits- Please be clear with your instructions while sending the track. If you want to sit down with me during the recording session, I am open to it. You can join in the recording process via Google Meet. I am open to doing 2-3 revisions for free.
I am also ready to send extra recordings of the parts where I might think the sitar is necessary, you might choose to keep or not for the final track.

Pricing- $30 is for recording a single song.
So, if you want x number of songs, the amount shall be $30x.

  • Folk
  • Pop-Rock
  • World
  • Soul
  • Ambient
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Kesar Kangna

I had collaborated with a producer (Loy Boy) to make a track. This is how it turned out to be.
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