Backup Fiddle Player for Your Project for $75

In Folk Instruments In Fiddle 100% Guarantee By Matt Hayes

Backup Fiddle Player for Your Project for $75

I am a professional fiddle player who specializes in Bluegrass, however I am diverse in Country, Folk, and Celtic music. I have been playing 22 years and have played all over the eastern provinces of Canada, as well as the US, and Europe. I have toured many times all playing as a backup fiddle player for many Country and Bluegrass groups. I work best by playing by ear, however I am skilled in reading sheet music as well.
I take work ethic very seriously and I want only the best out of each project that I take on. If you receive a track that you are unsatisfied with, I am more than happy to revise it up to 3 times for you. I also offer a money back guarantee if you are left unsatisfied with the work.

  • Americana
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Gospel
  • Blues
  • Swing
  • Bluegrass

Back Up and Push

A Bluegrass fiddle tune
  • Back Up and Push

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