I'll do an Instrumental Remake (Backing Track) for your Cover for $160

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I'll do an Instrumental Remake (Backing Track) for your Cover for $160

I specialize in producing tracks for singers who want to cover songs by well-known artists. I have been working professionally in music since the 90s. My main instrument is the piano, but I also play guitar for some tracks.

Lately I have been working for the YouTuber Malinda Kathleen Reese, for whom I have produced several tracks that she uses for her channel in Google Translate versions.

I work with the latest version of ProTools, sound packages from East West, Kontakt, Toonstrack, Keyscape, Arturia and more.

This service includes:
- A main preview of the track pre-mixed
- WAV file of the Main Mix finished (48-24 quality)
- WAV files for the Stems of the tracks. (48-24 quality)
* Every stem is grouped by types of instruments like, Keyboards, Percussions, Strings, Drums, Synths, Brass, FXs, Piano and Bass.

* I will do a maximum of 30 instruments per song, and no more than 7 minutes in length. Unless I talk an agreement to adjust the price with the client.

* Every song takes up to 4 days as maximum depending on the number of instruments. So if the client need more than 1 song, the time of delivery will increase.

Pop Instrumentals Remake Demo

This is me doing Pop Remakes.
  • Pop Instrumentals Remake Demo
  • Symphonic Instrumentals Remake Demo

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