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Any instrument you want, I got it already. I have hundreds of my own songs, but this is about (your songs). I can recreate your song from scratch or add into your existing song by the media you provide me through this Airgigs portal. If you want a 70-piece string ensemble reinforcing your melody, it shall be done. If all you want is a harmonica playing in the background however, I can do that' too. Hell, I'll run a Hohner Marine Band Crossover M2009 harmonica through a Roland Dimension D and TC Electronics Finalizer 96K if you want... Toots Thielemans would smack me upside my head for doing it, but I'd do it if you asked. Whatever vision you have for your song, tell me about it in text. Rap' is probably the only style that I'd ruin.

  • Pop-Rock
  • Ambient
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Country
  • Christian
  • World

MO Country

A deliberate style example I did.
  • MO Country
  • MO Hip-Hop
  • MO Jazz
  • MO Latin
  • MO Atmospheric
  • MO Funk
  • MO New Wave
  • MO Marching Band
  • MO Meditative
  • Flying Anvils
  • Back to it
  • Blood coursing through my veins

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