Rock/Metal song production for $180

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Jack Jordan

Rock/Metal song production for $180

I am a producer featured on BBC Radio One and Kerrang! Radio, I create emotional depth, groove and huge soundscapes in my productions, performing guitar, bass, vocals, harmonies, synths, keys, drums and sampling to make your music stand out.

Here's what i will do for you

- Create a full instrumental of your song (including drums, bass, guitar, keys, synths)

- Rework lyrics and structure if needed.

- Take your performance (vocals, or instrumental) and mix them perfectly into the fully produced song for you

I can also:

- Record my vocals for your song

- Create samples and atmospheres on tracks using my high level production knowledge

- Remix your track into another genre (Rock, Metal, Dance, Blues)

My turn around is very quick, I can send over references from clients or you can request a custom demo for me to showcase my ability

Contact me for any information you would like, I'm happy to help

  • Metal
  • Hard Rock
  • Rock


Rock (Recently featured on BBC Radio One)
  • FEAR by TOVA
  • Stranger Glitch (Loop)

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