Basic Song Demo - ALL IN! for $425

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Jeffrey Lotz

Basic Song Demo - ALL IN! for $425

Songwriters are you looking for a finished sound? Wether you are looking for an acoustic vibe, electronic arrangement, fully orchestrated pop, or anything in between, look no further!

I have a modest home studio with all of the essentials for tracking myself and other professional musicians. I am also an expert programmer able to bring out the life in a track with virtual strings, horns, drums, and more. All of my samples are top notch - Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate bundle.

$425 gets you lead vocals, some harmony, basic rhythm section, and some simple leads, as well as everything mixed and masted. If you are looking for more than that or something different, let me know - we can work something out. At the end of the day bringing YOUR vision to life is my goal.

I can also produce the track and send it back to you if you would like to record vocals (or any other instruments for that matter). I am still able to complete the mixing and mastering once your vocals/instrumentation, but understand that this is not part of the turnaround time.

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