Vocal Production for $100

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Vocal Production for $100

I am an experienced vocal producer, having produced my own album (which you can hear in my soundcloud link) and with other satisfied clients. I can listen to your singer and the song and determine ways to draw out the best parts and make the song shine.

This package includes:
- A complete analysis and breakdown of my first impression of the song
- Detailed notes on the strong and weak points
- A checklist and action plan to emphasize the strong points and improve the weak spots
- Assistance and guidance with the action plan if needed
- A follow up to ensure that the plan was carried out and the song is now perfect!

I work with both male and female singers of all ranges and genres. I have experience in each genre and know what techniques and styles are needed in terms of production, mixing and performance. I am also experienced in the music industry and know what publishers, producers and agents are looking for currently. Whatever you are seeking, I can help you achieve your goals. Contact me today to begin!

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