Full Music Production for $300

In Song Production By Bariqqi

Full Music Production for $300

Hi... Welcome.
You need someone to help you arrange that song, maybe you got everything else fighured already but no idea on how the arrangement should go, let me take that burden off you now...

Let's say... You want a different idea or complimenting idea to that instrumental you have going on, or the song mixing...
I give you the best mix money can buy...
I'm sure you're a great producer yourself, but no doubt, you still need my services... Write me, I can't wait!

Do check out my demos to have an idea of my sound. I update them regularly, so don't be surprised to find new songs on there when next you visit here... 😊

The Pain

Besides the fact, I wrote the song and did the voice recording and stuff, I handled the full production from instrumentals to mixing of the song, to Mastering. A-Z.
  • The Pain
  • Retribution

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