Give me a worktape and I'll record a full demo or master recording - STYLES: Country, Rock, Pop for $450

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By deanmadonia

Give me a worktape and I'll record a full demo or master recording - STYLES: Country, Rock, Pop for $450

Are you looking for Pop, Rock, Country or Alt-Country demos? I can take your work tape and turn it into a radio-ready recording!
I am a multi instrumentalist and I also have players available here and in Nashville. I have a full ProTools 12 Studio with a seperate drum room and piano room, guitars basses, keyboards and Yamaha grand piano and dozens of virtual instruments and plugins.

I have recorded and mixed hundreds of demos, Jingles and master recordings of all genres. I have had tracks on numerous indie CDs, jingles, and movies including "Foodfight!" and "The Stream."
I lived and worked in Nashville, TN for 13 years writing, producing,recording and mixing songs. I was in the Miami area for 20 years before that doing the same (including a 2 year stint at Jon Secada's "Heaven" production studio with Grammy winning engineer/producer Charles Dye).

Service includes acoustic and/or electric guitar, keys, loops, bass and multitracked drums (or programmed rythym), plus a lead vocal (Male or female) and up to 3 part harmony final mix and light mastering. If you want to do the vocals later I can provide just the track for the same price.
Willing to make up to 2 revisions after first mix. 2 - 10 day turnaround depending on workload.
STYLES: Country, Rock, Pop

When I'm not making music, I play chess, study Uechi Ryu Karate, paint or draw, camp and hike, golf or hang out with my son Wolfgang and our Siberian Huskies!

Alive Anew

Rock song from
  • Alive Anew
  • Country and Midwestern
  • Dean Vocal and Production Demo

5 Reviews

  1. Review By: pbarrosojr Jul 2, 2019

    Nice lead, nice harmony voices.
    It exceeded my expectations! Another goal scored...
    Very thanks again, Dean.

  2. Review By: cvitanic Jun 3, 2019

    Dean did a fantastic job with the vocals for my song. Not only he was careful in following my instructions,
    but he also provided creative feedback by suggesting some changes in melody, most of which sounded better to me
    than my original. He also did it efficiently and on time. I would definitely work with him again.

  3. Review By: pbarrosojr May 30, 2019

    Always a pleasure working with Dean.
    He has a colorful voice tone and a great rythm.
    Certainly we will do more things in the future.

  4. Review By: Nicolej May 8, 2019

    Yessir... just what my song needed. A single revise was delivered within a few hours.

  5. Review By: Sarantos Feb 24, 2019

    Dean does wonderful work and the tracks are definitely pro level!

  6. Review By: bertilsongwriter Dec 28, 2018

    I expected a strong performance and that´s what I got.

  7. Review By: bertilsongwriter Dec 28, 2018

    Good treatment of the song. And did minor revisions swiftly and elegant.

  8. Review By: bertilsongwriter Dec 16, 2018

    Thank you Dean! You made this cabaret song playful, groovy and fun. I know you put in extra work and gold into the production, which I of course appreciate. And I very much enjoy the background vocals. Bertil

  9. Review By: bevin76 May 15, 2018

    Quick, professional, and up to a very interesting and challenging assignment. Great job!

  10. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 28, 2018

    Just what we needed Dean.
    Thanks for getting this done!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  11. Review By: lindajk Apr 23, 2018

    Great working with this vocalist. Very nice job working with my track.

  12. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 13, 2018

    Great job Dean!
    Love what you did with the harmonies on the hook!
    I will be in touch with other projects.

  13. Review By: bertilsongwriter Mar 25, 2018

    I was stuck in a time trap. DM saved my ass. Thank you!

  14. Review By: bertilsongwriter Mar 24, 2018

    Stylish and relaxed with a bit of playfulness.

  15. Review By: bertilsongwriter Mar 23, 2018

    DM is not only a good singer. He also has inventive musical ideas, and his contribution lift the song.

  16. Review By: bertilsongwriter Feb 24, 2018

    Tailormade to suit my every little wish. Just the way it should be.

  17. Review By: bertilsongwriter Feb 5, 2018

    Smooth and swift handling and a pleasant result.

  18. Review By: pbarrosojr Dec 24, 2017

    Dean is really good. He always gives you more than you ask.
    A real pro.

  19. Review By: allanvilhan Nov 24, 2017

    5 stars isn't enough for Dean. Great vocals, great mixing and a great person co work with. If you need professional work. go to Dean!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  20. Review By: kalliergo Sep 26, 2017

    Great Singer! Great Service.!

  21. Review By: charlesb Sep 19, 2017

    Dean went above and beyond what I expected and the final result is excellent! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. Review By: njsomerville Sep 17, 2017

    Great attention to detail and communication. A real quality vocal recording--will definately hire again.

  23. Review By: sweeny500 Sep 10, 2017

    Great stuff again from Dean. Great to work with!

  24. Review By: sweeny500 Aug 19, 2017

    Great stuff as usual. Was working to a deadline and the Man delivered on time.

  25. Review By: mmiyashita623 Aug 16, 2017

    Thank you, the vocals were very powerful, and musical. And it was quick. I want to work with again, soon!

  26. Review By: Robert Aug 5, 2017

    Although time was tight on my job, Dean was very easy to work with and really delivered. Great attitude and most importantly, great voice! Looking forward to working with him again...

  27. Review By: sweeny500 Jul 8, 2017

    Great delivery on time as usual. Highly recommended. Very versatile.

  28. Review By: pbarrosojr Jul 1, 2017

    Great job... far exceeded my expectations... many thanks again Dean

  29. Review By: Spycraft Apr 27, 2017

    Dean is a master at his craft. Very patient. He has an uncanny knack for interpretation and it is clear he enjoys what he does. The music was fabulous and the mix was totally professional. I do hope to work with him again. He is my "go-to-guy!"

  30. Review By: Spycraft Apr 19, 2017

    Excellent and patient professional Extremely helpful with suggestions. Expert in the field and knows how to do things the right way. Asks all the right questions. The mix was fantastic! Thanks Dean.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  31. Review By: sweeny500 Apr 14, 2017

    Nice singer. Easy to work with which is important. Great!

  32. Review By: hect Feb 23, 2017

    Great work even made it happen when he was 100% dedicated vocalist!

  33. Review By: hect Feb 16, 2017

    Great job! Was sick but made it happened excellently!

  34. Review By: pbarrosojr Feb 9, 2017

    Great job. I'm really very satisfied, Dean gave me more than I asked.
    And it's really very easy to work with him.