Full-scale Song Production for $400

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Full-scale Song Production for $400

Hello! I am Billboard-charting record producer WesKey. I will complete a full-scale song production in collaboration with you. Whether you've got just a melody, just lyrics, or lyrics, melody and chords, I will develop a modern, top-notch, genre-specific production to surround your song. I will work with you to ensure that I understand your artistic vision such that every element of the music production reflects your desired vibe, style and quality standards.
Depending on the genre, I will arrange and perform all of the instrumentation. I will always provide my professional opinion if I feel the song needs further instrumentation that I cannot provide. In that case, we will work out a separate deal to hire the necessary music professionals.
I am an active listener and I'm serious about customer satisfaction. I over-communicate to ensure that I understand your goals, and I keep working until I've met those goals. I do not provide a money back guarantee through AirGigs, as some users have taken advantage of that feature. That said, if you are not 100% satisfied, I will personally assist you in contacting AirGigs such that they will issue you a full refund.
I'm so thrilled you're interested in collaborating with me, and I look forward to helping you make your music bloom!
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Gear: Logic Pro, Apollo x6, Adam A7, Adam Sub 10, Avalon Vt 737sp, M-Audio Sputnik

Credits: Jahmena, David P Stevens, Peri Jon, Emporio, Jodia

• THIS IS NOT A WORK-FOR-HIRE SERVICE. If I collaborate with you on elements of the composition, we must work out a deal for copyright ownership. If I do not collaborate with composition elements, we must work out a (smaller) deal for copyright ownership.
• 3 revisions listed, but I will make a good-faith effort to keep revising until you are fully satisfied. After 3 revisions, depending on how involved the revisions are, I may request additional funds to complete them.
• This service is for one song. I am open to providing a bulk deal for three or more songs
• There is no track limit for this service (although Logic Pro maxes out at 1000)
• Additional musicians/music professionals will be hired at the Buyer's expense, should these services be needed
• This service does not include mixing or mastering

'benny' by Jahmena

I composed, produced, and mixed this record
  • 'benny' by Jahmena
  • 'sunshine' by Jahmena
  • 'Tu Caballero' by WesKey
  • 'Pain' by Peri Jon

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