Song Production from Multi-Instrumentalist for Multi-Genres Mixing add-on available for $450

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Song Production from Multi-Instrumentalist for Multi-Genres Mixing add-on available for $450

Hello! I'm a professional musician with 20+ years experience in the wedding/corporate/private event scene in the NYC-area. I’ve worn many musical hats as a: DJ, MC, Karaoke Host, and Multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass, keys, vocals, woodwinds) - so I’m very well-versed in different musical styles.

In addition, I was a public school music teacher for 10 years, having received my musical training at an accredited university - so I have a background in music theory/performance/composition.

As an emerging music producer/audio engineer and mixing engineer, I am building up my experience working with other artists. Being a musical artist also, I do have a lot of experience producing/tracking/recording/mixing my own music productions (listen to audio samples).

I have put together a high quality professional home studio (see profile pic) to produce all sorts of music.


1. Takamine 6-string acoustic-electric;
2. Epiphone Masterbilt 6-string acoustic-electric;
3. Hofner 6-string acoustic;
4. Epiphone Les Paul Modern 6-string
5. A cheap Fender Squire Strat 6-string (for lo-fi recordings);
6. Kala acoustic-electric 4-string Ukelele
7. Spector Rebop 4-string bass guitar
8. Logic Pro X (preferred) or Avid Pro Tools (tons of plugs-ins)
9. Roland TD-27KV Electronic V-Drums
10. Arturia Keylab MKII 88-note MIDI controller with drum pads (Includes 6,500+ modern and classic piano/synth sounds library)
10. Superior Drummer 3 and Orchestra Editions (some of the best drum samples around, using high fidelity samples of real drum sets that I can trigger with my V-drum kit)
11. Slate Modeling Mics - ML-1 large + ML-2 (small) - includes virtual mic locker of modeled famous mics)
12. Headphones - Beyerdynamics 770/990; Slate VSX Modeling Headphones (can mix in virtual environments; a club, pro mixing/mastering studio)
13. Other mics - Blue Baby Bottle; AT4040; Shure SM57 and SM 5



- Drum track (played on my Roland V-Drum kit powered by Superior Drummer 3 or I can construct drum parts from EDM or Hip-Hop sample packs via MIDI)
- Bass Track (played on a live real bass guitar and/or synth bass. Both, if the song needs two doubled bass lines)
- Percussion: added percussion parts played live or use Superior Drummer Orchestral
- Acoustic and/or Electric Guitar
- Very basic mix of the song

ADD-ONS (to be hired separately):

- Lead or harmony vocals
- Full Mixing
- Basic Mastering

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