Music Production/Composition for $60

In Song Production By Diogo Soares

Music Production/Composition for $60

I work around several genres, which include:
Electronic, Hip-Hop, Trap, Pop, Reggaeton, Latin, Rock, Funk, R&B, EDM and many others… I am versatile.

Delivery ~ 1-7 days (depends on the type of song)

The service consists of seven fundamental steps:
1st – Meeting to know better the project and the artist vision and intentions
2nd – Service itself (1st Session)
3rd – First Presentation/Revision
4th – 2nd Session – if necessary
5th – Second Presentation/Revision
6th – 3rd Session – if necessary
7th – Presentation of final product (Final Revision)!

All of this is included in the price, as well as basic Audio Editing.
It’s possible to have more revisions or to have extra services included like Mixing and Mastering, however at an extra cost.
Extra Revision: 6$/each
Mixing: 50$/song
Mastering: 10$/song

*The price is per song
**The price may vary depending on the type of song and its length.

For several tracks I have some bulk discounts:
4-5 songs – 5%
6-9 songs – 10%
10+ songs – 15%

I work mainly inside the box, i.e. with plugins and VSTs

Anyway, if you any question about anything, dont hesitate to contact me.

  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Latin
  • Rock

Reggae Beat

Produced, mixed and mastered by me!
  • Reggae Beat
  • Downtempo Trap
  • Lo-Fi Jazz Hip-Hop
  • Ground Bass
  • El Padriño (Beat)
  • 12-Bar Blues
  • Depechiano (Synth-Pop)
  • Synth-Dance
  • Pool Song (Remix)
  • President House (Remix)

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