Piano Vocal recording of your song for $200

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Piano Vocal recording of your song for $200

Hello, I am Rosie.

As a music producer I have a fast attention to detail and bring a mix of strong technical knowledge and high instrumental and musical skills to every track. As a strong communicator I love working in collaboration with every artist and writer I produce for.

"Rosie is outstanding and I will definitely be continually working with her and adding her to my list of exceptional individuals. Great originality and communicator." - Reginald E Cason, Texas, USA

"Had my first song produced and mixed - very happy with the results and will be sending other songs in the future. Highly recommend!" - R. Thompson, UK

I can turn YOUR song into a beautiful piano vocal recording. All I need are your lyrics (as a PDF) and finished song as a rough recording (a phone recording will do!) and/or a lead sheet with the melody notated.

The fee includes all rights and licenses and the song will be fully credited to you. So, get in touch today and let's get your song out there!

Rosie x

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