Complete song arrangement and production for $280

In Song Production By David Griffiths

Complete song arrangement and production for $280

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I’m an award-winning British arranger, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer with 20+ years’ experience working with people like Tony Visconti (Bowie, Bolan), Simon Napier-Bell (Wham, Ultravox) and many others.

I have a masters in music from Oxford, and have contributed to hundreds of productions in a wide range of styles and genres, from classical, pop, rock and gospel to funk, EDM, music theatre and cinematic soundtracks.

My songs and compositions have received acclaim from people like Mark Radcliffe (BBC Radio 2), The SAE Institute, Wychwood Music Festival,, The Wedding Present and Stornoway. As a performer I've shared stages with artists as diverse as Carter USM, Foals and The Sugababes.

I will produce a professional recording of your song based on your demo. Includes production, arrangement, all instrumentation, mixing and mastering.

I will arrange, play and record a range of real instruments including bass, guitar, piano, keyboard and percussion. I will also track drums, strings and other orchestral instruments as well as providing backing vocals if you need them.

Typically I would send you an instrumental mix with a guide vocal to allow you to record your vocal at home or in a local studio, and can advise on the best options for you.

As a separate order, at additional cost, I will then mix in your vocal recording prior to creating a final mix/master.

This gig includes up to 8 instruments, though if you need a significantly larger/smaller production let me know and I'll quote accordingly.

Based in a converted coachhouse in the beautiful Cotswold countryside, I work primarily in Logic Pro X, specialising in scoring for virtual instruments and tracking live instruments, including guitars, bass and piano. Feel free to contact me should you need any more information.

Love Rhyme

Beer and Flies
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  • God Has Been Good
  • Piece of Paradise
  • Golgotha
  • Lucy's Eyes

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