Mainstream Song Production for $350

In Song Production By Michael Zanger

Mainstream Song Production for $350

Utilizing your pre-production demos, commercial references, and my years of experience working in the heart of the Industry, I will help you build your song's production from scratch to a mix-ready stem file(s). Single and album (EP/LP) points are negotiable.

As a Producer/Songwriter, I'm an experienced guitarist and vocalist with a four octave vocal range. Additionally, I have access to some of Los Angeles' top musicians to take your project over the top (third-party rates will vary).

Logic Pro X (DAW)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Interface
Kontact Komplete Control (Midi Controller)
Akai MPK Mini 3 (Midi Controller)
Native Instruments (Komplete 13 Ultimate Edition)
ESP LTD H-250 (Electric Guitar)
Baby Taylor (Acoustic Guitar)
Splice (Subscription)
FabFilter Pro-Q 3 (EQ)
Valhalla Delay
Valhalla Reverb
Iris 2
Nectar 3
Nectar 3 Elements
Neutron 3 Advanced
Neutron 3 Elements
Ozone 9 Advanced
Ozone 9 Elements
Ozone Imager
RX 7 Elements (Lite)
Stutter Edit
Tonal Balance Control 2
Trash 2
Visual Mixer
Vocal Doubler
VocalSynth 2

White Girl Envy - Defame

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  • White Girl Envy - Defame

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