Finish Your Demo & Produce Music For Your Content for $100

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Altin Gjoni

Finish Your Demo & Produce Music For Your Content for $100

Are you looking for a team of professionals to Polish, Finish & Produce your Idea/Demo?

We are your team of session players & engineers that will help you turn your Idea into a Finished Song!

Save Time & Money with our All in One Service!

What will you Get?

1. Arrangement for your song

2. Recording of all Instruments & Vocals if needed

3. Mixed & Mastered Track

4. Wet & Dry Stems of all instruments

5. Audio Restoration service

Which Genres do we cover?

1- Rock & Metal

2- Acoustic Songs or Covers

3- Pop & Electronic based music

4- Soundtracks & Music for your Content/Video

Why choose us?

1. Free Consulting before starting the project.
2. Multiple mix alternatives to choose from
3. Dynamic Team with different backgrounds
4. We deliver a FINISHED product

CONTACT us BEFORE ordering so we can have a FREE consulting first about getting the best out of YOUR Idea.

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