Full Indie-Pop Song Production for $600

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Brian Squillace

Full Indie-Pop Song Production for $600

I will take your rough demo and turn it into a professional track. I specialize in indie-electronic, bedroom pop, and anything dreamy. I love synths, crunchy drums, experimenting with sampling, and beautiful soaring vocals.

I approach production with a songwriter's perspective. I believe in minimalism and every sound serving a purpose. I want to hear about your track and what it means to you. We can use that as a starting point to figure out how production will add to that meaning, not take away.

About me:

I'm the producer for indie-electronic band LANNDS. In addition, I have a solo project called Odd Relics, and I also tour as the drummer for Sub Pop recording artist Yuno. I've been producing for over 10 years and my favorite thing to do is to help new artists find their sound.

My studio:

I record in a home studio in Jacksonville, FL. I use Logic Pro X. My interface is an UAD Arrow. I use an AKAI MPK249 as my controller. I use VST's such as Native Instruments Massive, Alchemy, and Serum. I have a Splice subscription and use their vast sample library for everything from drums to textures and instrument samples.

My process:

1. You give me your demo. A demo could be anything from a full production to just you singing and playing guitar. I'm even open to you only giving me vocals - whatever you can do to show me your initial idea.

2. I'll build a very simple instrumental sample for you to hear. At this point I won't produce the whole song, just enough for me to show you my ideas. You can let me know how you feel about it, if you love it, hate it, or want to hear things differently.

3. Once we've come to an agreement on general style, I'll produce the entire track.

4. At any point in this process I welcome criticism. The track is your piece of art and needs to be perfect! I offer up to 5 revisions. After that, it's $30 a revision.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter

TENDER - No Devotion (LANNDS Remix)

A track I produced and mixed. This is unmastered.
  • TENDER - No Devotion (LANNDS Remix)
  • LANNDS - Legends
  • LANNDS - Wide Awake

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