Full Song Production- From Worktape To Master for $1500

In Song Production By Lincoln Davis

Full Song Production- From Worktape To Master for $1500

I will produce your song fully, providing you a release-ready master file.

A bit about my previous work-
Artists I have produced have jumpstarted their music careers with me, receiving sync deals and millions of listens on the songs I've written and produced with them. I've worked on a grammy-nominated album,
have toured as the keys player/band leader for multiple label artists, and have many sync placements in ads and tv.

The Process:
It all starts with your song. To get started I need a rough recording, lyrics, and a good idea of what you want your song to sound like (include reference songs!) From there I'll begin producing the track and we will go back and forth until you are happy with the result.
Once we have a good bit done on the music, I'll send you files to enable you to record vocals. Whether that is in a local studio, you outsourcing a for-hire vocalist, or even coming to Nashville to record with me is up to you!
After vocals, I will professionally mix and master your song with a quality that would cost hundreds of dollars on it's own and will ensure your song is release ready.

Lauren Presley, Freedom in the Aftermath, Chad Mathews, Oh broken Son!, All About Worship, Journey Worship Co, EVOE

I want to make your song as good as it can be, if you have a vision we can get it there!

  • Pop
  • Ambient
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Gospel

Light of the King

Freedom in the Aftermath, Produced by Lincoln Davis
  • Light of the King
  • Momentum
  • Wild & Free
  • Verglas
  • Last Breath
  • Some Place

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