Lucas Engel / Production, Vocals for $250

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Lucas Engel

Lucas Engel / Production, Vocals for $250

Grammy- nominated Songwriter, vocalist & producer.

You find my work in Spotify: "Lucas & The Woods"

Please message me before hiring and ask me for a quote, the price may vary depending on the job.

I can record vocals for you at a World Class standard level and also provide valuable insight on many aspects of your song, from the structure to the melody/chords, ad libs,

Backings will be charged as a Term Modification within this same service when required.

My gear:

Universal Audio Arrow Thunderbolt 3
AKG Pro Audio 214
Full UAD plugins

Languages: English, Spanish, German

Be sure to check my work!
Although I always deliver as fast as I can, if you are in extra hurry let me know.

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