Song Production/Arrangement/Remix + Mixing + Mastering! (POP-EDM-ELECTRONICA-NEO SOUL-WORLD MUSIC) for $200

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Song Production/Arrangement/Remix + Mixing + Mastering! (POP-EDM-ELECTRONICA-NEO SOUL-WORLD MUSIC) for $200

Hi, Im' Bruno, producer and guitarist from Buenos Aires with vast experience in arrangements, sound alike and original productions for singers, jingles and dance music. Graduate musician and audio technician, working free lance and Buenos Aires based electronic artist in world known record labels like Plattenbank and Stripped Recordings since 2015.
My background comes from the alternative-fusion sides of rock and pop and electronic, always very influenced by jazz and improvisation.
I produce original music, remixes and cover tracks, from recording stage of the song to the mixing and mastering.
My work trained me into achieving the sound of the top tracks of the EDM, pop and rock music industry, making sound alike and cover tracks for singers and backing track companies.
Personally I'm into electronic and alternative music, analog synthesis and sound design. I've released music in labels like Plattenbank, Stripped Recordings, having support of world known artists such as Hernan Cattaneo, Guy Mantzur among others.
Im always looking forward to work on something new and meet new artists! I'm willing to maintain a proper communication and feedback.

Don't hesitate to ask!

Verve - False Promises

Remix of the song
  • Verve - False Promises
  • Medisin
  • Neko
  • Rise Your Frequency

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